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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ROBOT WEEK Day 4 - Weird Wednesday with MARVEX The Super Robot

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It also happens to be a Wednesday
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Golden Age comics are, through the natural passage of time, a bit odd to the modern comic enthusiast. Sure, all the die-hard comics fans like us love them for what they are, but Golden Age comics can't help it sometimes that they come off quite often as...well, weird.

Today's Robot post fits that description.

MARVEX The Super Robot had only three Golden Age appearances. We will look at his origin, from Marvel's DARING MYSTERY COMICS #3, April 1940. This was the era of the infancy of comics, as well as the infancy of ROBOTS as characters in comics, so Marvex was one of the earliest ROBOT heroes.

According to sources like the GCD and Atlas Tales, the artwork was done by Hal Sharp, and if Doc V says so, that's good enough for me. I don't know much about Hal Sharp other than he drew GA Flash and Mr. Terrific for DC in the early 40's, but his simpler Golden Age style here adds to the weirdness quality.




Whoa, big fella!
If were not going to be more than friends, 
you can just go ahead and put those clothes back on!

You may have noticed that Marvex is a grey toned metal person, yet on page 5 the colorist made a boo-boo and colored him like a normal human. Marvex is also a vicious son-of-a-bitch who has no problem killing people (he smashes one bad guy into some rocks, throwing him by his hair, and he throws Von Cragg through a wall to fall 13 stories to the street below..Von Cragg though was clearly a villain, as evidenced by his monacle)!

It is also clear that both Marvex and Clara have relationship issues.
She says he is her only friend, and he begins to strip down for some apparent ROBOT nastiness. 
Cue wah-wah guitar music.


That'll do it for now.
See you tomorrow for more
comics, stories and artwork!

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