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Monday, May 12, 2014

Frazetta's THUN'DA Goes Boom! - Origin Story

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[There are many wonderful comics blogs and sites such as this, and many of my favorites (which are probably many of yours) are listed down the right hand column of this blog. What might set this blog apart from many of the others is the fact that I spend several hours each week digitally restoring old comic book scans in order to present them here to you in their optimum glory! Like you, I share a love and affection for these classic comics and their artists, and my goal is to present them in the best possible light, apart from reprinting them. The Apocolyte's digital restoration project hopes to present these comic art classics as if they were freshly purchased this very day, for your viewing enjoyment.]

Today's digitally restored classic is what I consider one of the milestones of Golden Age comics, 
Frank Frazetta's classic THUN'DA! 

In 1951, Frank Frazetta was doing comic work for National/DC and Magazine Enterprises/M.E., and due to the positive feedback Frazetta was getting from the fans, M.E. decided to let Frazetta create his own comic. The result was Frazetta's THUN'DA!

In Frazetta's own words, from the book Frank Frazetta, ICON:

"I came up with this Tarzan-like character who gets trapped in a lost world. They brought in Gardner Fox to write the script based on my idea and the first story in the book followed my plans pretty closely. Then the editor, Ray Krank, had Fox take everybody out of the prehistoric setting by the end of the third story in the book and ruined the entire concept; they turned it into just another cardboard jungle comic."

THUN'DA #1 was published in 1952, and holds the distinction of being the only complete comic book Frazetta ever drew. The first story he describes above is the one we will see here, the origin of






There is more amazing artwork by the brilliant and talented Frank Frazetta posted on my other comic art blog

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Also, to see the black and white version of Frazetta's THUN'DA origin story, click here!


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