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Friday, May 30, 2014


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Today happens to be the Birthday of legendary comic artist Mort Meskin!

Mort Meskin
May 30th, 1916 - March 29th, 1995

Today I bring a(n) historical drama originally published in Prize's TREASURE COMICS #10, 1946. It's titled KNOW YOUR AMERICA and focuses on the American revolution and the colonist's revolt against The Stamp Act imposed by Great Britain. 

Meskin's art is wonderful to behold, and he presents an entertaining historical portrayal of  the situation, bringing life to real people such as Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin. 

Deteriorating Golden Age comic scans renewed by myself via 



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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jack Cole throws a "LITTLE DYNAMITE" in your face!

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Today I bring you one of comics most legendary artists/creators, Jack Cole!

Before he created his most famous character PLASTIC MAN, Cole did a lot of humor and crime stories, and in 1939 he blended the two genres together (like he would with Plastic Man) and brought forth LITTLE DYNAMITE. Published in Centaur's KEEN DETECTIVE FUNNIES vol.2 #2, the story revolves around a diminutive police officer who stands about 3 feet tall. I know there are height regulations for police officers today, and I imagine that there were height requirements in 1939 as well. In order to stop a car theft ring, the Chief of Police sends in "Little Dynamite"
otherwise known as Ben Trumpson.

There are gags as you might expect from Cole, such as when tiny Trumpson asks the Chief where he fits in, and the Chief directs him into the trunk of a car. At least it wasn't the glove box.

The story features some nice stylized artwork from young Jack Cole, who would soon go on to bigger (no pun intended) and better things.



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I really like Cole's artwork on this, and was disappointed that even when the whites were cleaned up, poor color registration marred the art. So I touched up the art and re-colored these two panels per the original color guide just to see how nice Cole's art looks treated right.
original art panels - unretouched

original art with balloons/borders cleaned up

digitally restored and recolored art


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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WEIRD WEDNESDAY - "Netje, The Little Dutch Girl"

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Today's weird comic story comes from the midst of World War 2!

Originally published in Holyoke's BLUE BEETLE # 25 in 1943, 
"NETJE, THE LITTLE DUTCH GIRL" is a strange tale about the Dutch resistance movement against the Nazi occupation. While there were many true stories of brave souls who fought the evil of the Nazis, our story is what might be described as inspirational fiction, where the apparent leader of this particular pocket of resistance happens to be a little Dutch girl, Netje. It isn't really clear how little this Dutch girl is, seeing that she does have breasts, is practically mauled in lust by a soldier on page one, and she towers above all the other children in the village.

Nonetheless, the chronicle of Netje is told with such amateurish storytelling that we the readers are left...well, this panel seems to sum it up best:

That's the appropriate word, all right!
Just what the hell is going on in that panel, anyway?

Netje manages to almost single-handedly kill, confound, confuse, irritate, and generally disrupt these nasty Nazis with tactics including shooting slingshots and gleefully dropping tacks onto the streets...

Read for yourself and see just how WEIRD this little Dutch Netje is!




From what I can gather by searching out historical data on the internet, 
Netje was in fact picked up by a British submarine, where she instantly began annoying the Brits by putting broken glass in the food supply, putting burning hair into the ventilation system, and defecating in the hallways. The Royal British navy responded by shooting Netje out of a torpedo tube off the coast of Madagascar, where she hit her head on a passing sea turtle and apparently drown.
That's just weird.