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Sunday, May 11, 2014

THE MISFITS Origin Story - Wally Wood and Ralph Reese

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HEROES, INC. #1 was published in 1969 by legendary comics creator Wallace "Wally" Wood. Among the stories it contained was the first of two stories featuring an odd group of characters Wood called THE MISFITS. Without revealing too much of the details, the group of unlikely heroes consisted of a shapely female, an elfin alien, and a brutish hulk,, or was that a hulkish brute?

Well, you'll see for yourself. Although the story and characters are pure Wood at it's best, Wood was assisted on the artwork by Ralph Reese, and to what degree, that is best understood by Mr. Reese himself, as the artwork retains more of the classic Wood style than the detailed finishes of Reese's later solo work. In any case, it is a wonderful and delightful example of Wood sci-fi work from this era.

- Origin Story-

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The story of Wally Wood's THE MISFITS continues in HEROES, INC. #2,
and that adventure is posted at my other comics blog
 To see it just click here or on the image below!


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