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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jack Cole throws a "LITTLE DYNAMITE" in your face!

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Today I bring you one of comics most legendary artists/creators, Jack Cole!

Before he created his most famous character PLASTIC MAN, Cole did a lot of humor and crime stories, and in 1939 he blended the two genres together (like he would with Plastic Man) and brought forth LITTLE DYNAMITE. Published in Centaur's KEEN DETECTIVE FUNNIES vol.2 #2, the story revolves around a diminutive police officer who stands about 3 feet tall. I know there are height regulations for police officers today, and I imagine that there were height requirements in 1939 as well. In order to stop a car theft ring, the Chief of Police sends in "Little Dynamite"
otherwise known as Ben Trumpson.

There are gags as you might expect from Cole, such as when tiny Trumpson asks the Chief where he fits in, and the Chief directs him into the trunk of a car. At least it wasn't the glove box.

The story features some nice stylized artwork from young Jack Cole, who would soon go on to bigger (no pun intended) and better things.



-click to enlarge-


I really like Cole's artwork on this, and was disappointed that even when the whites were cleaned up, poor color registration marred the art. So I touched up the art and re-colored these two panels per the original color guide just to see how nice Cole's art looks treated right.
original art panels - unretouched

original art with balloons/borders cleaned up

digitally restored and recolored art


What did you think of that?
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