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Monday, May 26, 2014


Here's a little gem that many of you have seen before, 
but some of you have not, so...

In 1951, there was a 'chocolate flavored drink' called "INAPAK", and since comic books were all the rage with the kids back then, they decided to create a promotional 'giveaway' comic to sell their product. I'm not sure how but they managed to get comic book great Bob Powell to do it for them, and I can't say for sure whether or not Powell enjoyed drawing it or not, but it sure looks like he did! It's pretty damn cool for a free comic! - oh, yes, a word for the comic collector's out there...if you are looking to purchase a copy of this comic for your collection, don't be fooled into paying high prices! I actually saw this on Ebay going for $50 or more! Don't you do it! A few years back they found a whole warehouse FULL of these comics, so you can pick one up real cheap! But now you don't have to, just read it here and save the images! By the way, these scans are from my own personal comic, as usual. Nowadays it can also be found many places online as well.

As a special treat for you, I found some early panels that were not approved by INAPAK, and so they had to be changed (not the art, but the story). Here, take a look at some of these early panels before they were fixed.

Okay, just kidding! Those aren't real panels, just ones that I messed with...heh heh...
Here is the real comic, from cover to cover. Powell was skilled at drawing action, and, boy-o-boy, is there ever some action! So pour yourself a biiiiig ol' glass o' yummy INAPAK drink flavored goop, and enjoy the work of Mister Stanislav Robert Pawlowski, better known as Bob Powell. Oh, yeah, don't miss the inside cover where they compare INAPAK flavored drink to the atomic bomb...

(You may notice the front and back covers suffer from mild offsetting from sitting in stacks for so long, or perhaps just bad printing)

By the way, if anyone out there has ever drank this stuff, please let us know how you survived the experience...was it as dee-lish as Bob Powell says it is? Mmmm, I'm thirsty now!






This is a re-posting.
It was originally posted in another blog of mine
on 11/28/2009.



  1. Someone must have made a warehouse find of these comics during the seventies, because they were all over the place. I got mine from an ad in The Buyer's Guide for Comics Fandom, the main adzine of the era. As for enjoying what he did, I don't think Powell thought like that. From what I read it was a job and he accepted assignments, so whether it was a commercial giveaway or a newsstand comic he put his best effort (and that of his studio) into it. Thoroughly professional, they were!

    For what it's worth I've never been able to read this comic, but I have looked at the purty pitchers, though. Thanks for showing it.

    1. Pappy,

      Blogger didn't alert me to your comment, found it just now by accident...sorry it took so long.

      That's what I had heard, too, the comic was fairly rare until they discovered truckloads somewhere a while ago. I don't know what they go for now, I got mine fairly cheap, for a golden age gem. Powell sure did put his heart into it. Silly story aside, it is a classic!

      Thanks for taking time to post a comment, Pappy! I appreciate it!