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Friday, December 24, 2010


It's true.
I'm back.
Get ready for more of me...

Is it true that I have been involved in time travel experiments, and that the last fateful excursion went horribly awry? Could that be the reason my time sphere became encased in a trionic cocoon as I drifted helplessly on time ripples, all whilst being bombarded by pulsing zeegee rays emenating from the great Tempus radiation belt? Has my corporeal reintegration function therfore been compromised, in effect causing me to phase in and out of random time continuums uncontrollably? Is that the reason I haven't been able to post for the past several months? Huh, izzit?

All I can tell you is, "I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor at this time."

But who cares? For now, before I phase again, let me post a classic from Joe Maneely and Stan Lee. Now, I realize that this story has been posted on Karswell's blog previously, but I didn't know that when I scanned and cleaned up the pages from my own comic book months ago. So I figured I'd post it since I spent the time on it. So enjoy another beautifully drawn story by the late great Joe Maneely. The colors in this one are particularly vivid for a 1950's comic, making it very pretty to look at.

So, in lieu of any Christmas stories, here instead is a story stinking with the sulphurous stank of Hell itself...





Hmmm...perhaps he is not a ghost after all, 
but merely a bit of undigested figgy pudding...hrumphhh!


Tha--th--th--that's all, folks!

See you soon ...