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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A TOUCH OF HORROR - Bad Intentions From Stan Lee and Joe Maneely

Specially restored just for you, here's a taut little thriller from the pre-superhero mind of Stan Lee. This pre-code horror story is heightened by some exquisite imagery by Atlas' icon Joe Maneely. Full of details, every panel is set up by Maneely like a master director sets up his camera, as we follow his wonderfully unique and believable characters through out the vistas of rotting old mansions and mountainous cliffs. Young Stan Lee proves he is a master storyteller, and with Maneely's art, we can look into the characters eyes and see just what they are thinking.

From Atlas comics SUSPENSE #28, 1953, here's a classic horror tale entitled



Cover art by Bill Everett.


  1. yeah... who wants to peek under the ol' geezer's blanket ! when the end started to pan out, I thought for sure the 'money' would be from a Life Insurance Policy claimed on the youngn's corpse !

  2. Ha! That'd be a good twist!
    I reached under the blanket while he was sleepin', and all I could feel was a roll of quarters! Eech!

  3. Man, that artwork is seriously heavily tooled! Look at all the shading and wrinkles and folds! I feel almost guilty if I the time I spend viewing it is less than the time it took him to draw it.

  4. Lord, those Atlas colors! Swoon-worthy! -- Mykal

  5. Yeah, KW! I think Maneely should have gotten paid by the line (for each line he drew)!

    Mykal, I feel ya! That's why I always carry these Atlas 'smelling salts'!

  6. That cover bears extensive overworking by Carl Burgos. I'll bet that if anything, only the skeleton is Everett.

    1. Doc,
      Quite possible, I certainly trust your judgement. I was also trusting the Atlas Tales website attribution to Everett, alleged by Mr. Nick Caputo. I can see a bit of Everett there but it isn't typical Everett that screams "Everett" either...I like the detailing in the cover. It also is another typical Atlas horror cover that features scenes having nothing to do with the stories inside, other than the titles listed!
      Sorry for the delayed response...I've been away!
      Best regards - The Apocolyte