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Tuesday, February 9, 2010



  1. i had a book called Dreams of the Rare Bit Fiend I liked a lot. It was by Windsor Mackay. I still have it buried somewhere in a drawer. The premise was much like Nemo. The main guy would have really weird nightmares, and the last panel would always be him waking up saying "no more snacks before bed!" or something like that.

  2. Yes! I have that too, and when the NEMO strips run out next week (there are only about 10 -15 in my collection) I was going to run those cartoons in its place. so if you can't find yours, just check in here evr' day, fella!

    That was McCay's main theme in those days...

    i'll have to re-check, but theres at least one other stip by a contemporary of McCay's called Wee Willie Winkies World, or something like that, and that also explored a kind of magical fantasy realm quite often, similar to these strips...must have been a popular concept back in the day...still is, actually.
    Incredible imagination! Incredible artistic talent! Except for the word balloons, these strips(Nemo) are better than most today!