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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

THE LEGEND OF IRON-MAN McGEE - or, "I am Iron Man!" - "No, I am Iron Man!" - "No. I am!" - "No! I am, dang it!"

One of the many things artist John Severin can draw well is western comics. He shows us his stuff here, teaming up with a fella named Stan Lee.
Get ready to meet one of the ornery-est critters west of the Pecos!
Our tale comes from Atlas comics WYATT EARP #4, 1956, pard'ner!
Smile when ya say that, ya lilly-livered sod-buster!
Now slide up to the bar and have a drink with




  1. Is that John Severin inking Maneely ? yum !

  2. Apocolyte: Great post. I have always liked the "off the beaten path" stuff you serve up. I have been looking lately at so much of Severin's war stuff, that it's nice see something else from him. What I am about to say is sacrilidge, I know. I never cared for Severin's line. To scritchy, seems to lack boldness. There, I said it. I'll never say it again. -- Mykal

  3. Hey guys!
    It may look like Maneely (sometimes their rendering looks very similar, with the hatching and cross-hatching all over) but this is all Johnny Severin. I think you knew dat already.

    We all have different tastes and preferences...I commented on TEN CENT DREAMS that I never really could get 'into' Howard Chaykin's art (too 'rough', although good), so, speak your mind, brother! No opinions are wrong here at Apocolyte's World Of Comics!

    I'll admit that my first encounter with severin's art was in MAD ...compared to Wood, Elder, Davis , etc., my first impression of Severin's work was not exactly overwhelming or positive. But he since improved(!) and I eventually realized what a unique talent he is.
    Everyone who ever worked for Cracked Magazine essentially owed their livings/paychecks to J.Sev -- his amazing art was what brought in the fans every month for years and years! Again, I'm preachin' to the choir, you knew that...

  4. Your scans here are always topnotch and this tale is no exception.

    Very interesting stuff!

  5. Thanks, Chuck!

    I notice that some comics, after scanning, are just fine to post. But more often than not, age has made the comic page yellowed, faded, and generally unpleasant to look at. While posting the comic page 'as-is' insures it retaining the 'old-time' charm, for certain stories I choose to try to restore the art to a closer approximation of the original intent. It takes a little more time, but you and the other fans are worth it.