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Monday, January 25, 2010

COSMO CAT - Treasure Island

Here's another cool COSMO CAT story drawn by Ellis Chambers (you see, it's E-Z for you to see the E.C. in the lower left splash, see? Ci!).
From COSMO CAT #3, 1946.
Continuing from previous post.
For much more information, please see earlier post, and Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine!


(And for yet another fantastic COSMO CAT story from the same issue, click here for


  1. Apokolyte,
    I am overjoyed to see this new blog. It's wonderful the blog-o-sphere always has room for more great sharing of these wonderful stories and pictures! Best-O-luck... I'll be following. Love Cosmo Cat!
    Oh, thanks much for listing tROAD in your links section :)

  2. sorry Ap... I meant much mocha joe or something

  3. r/e,
    Thanks for the kind words, buddy. I am planning a trip soon to THE ROADS OF AUTUMN DUSK - I haven't visited in a while, and it's about time to check in and see whats up with the rogue
    "Yo! Rogues in the house!"
    (R.E.Howard reference...heh heh)

    r/e, spell it anyway you want! I just assumed I'd been spelling my own name wrong.

  4. this is exactly the line-weight I want to bring to my comic work, except with heavy blacks etc (to cover up all my mistakes)

    ps: you give great header !
    that collage is worth the price
    of admission, Fiery One !

  5. Apocolyte: Great blog and post. I really like the artwork in this one - nice, thick lines and huge hands - just the way I like 'em. -- Mykal

  6. Lysdexicuss,
    Thanks for mentioning the header.
    "Oh, this little thing? Do you really like it?
    It merely took several days and two pints of blood to throw that little thing together...days of meticulous planning, hours of schematic drawings, dozens of conference calls, and three trips to my lawyer...and when i had finally made it, i surfed the net and found the exact same picture on another site...yup, some kid made it on his i-phone with a 'blog-header' app..."
    ok, there's a grain of truth in that pearl -- you dig it out!

    Both you and Lysdexicuss mention the bold outlines in these comics. I found that seems to give certain characters, like the two sailors, a real contemporary feeling to them. They almost look like they came right out of a 'modern' animated cartoon, don't they?
    That's saying something about the art style, it grows on me as I look at it more.

    Oh, I like big hands too...thats why I married my wife! (sound of rim-shot - B'doom Crashhhh!)
    Thank you! I'm here all week!

    Appreciate both of your comments, friends!

  7. Aha! The classic Ladri di biciclette was anticipated by the author of Cosmo Cat!

  8. oeconomist,
    Hmmm...I'll take your word for that, because I am not familiar with that work...ahh, a link!
    Oh, the bicycle thief...darn, didn't see it!
    it doesn't take much for me to feel stupid!