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Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Of The Best - Kurtzman and Wood's Classic SUPERDUPERMAN! (+ Special Bonus!)

It is classic, an epitome of the genre, it's drawn fantastically, and it's uproariously hilarious.
Sure, I know it's been around, and many of you have seen it before somewhere, but it never goes out of style.
You just cannot go wrong with this one.

So, here you go. From MAD #4 (1953), published by EC Comics, with a story written and storyboarded by the legendary Harvey Kurtzman, and jaw-dropping artwork by the equally legendary Wally Wood, here you go.
The one, 
the only,




Here's your bonus treat!
A very rare and special artifact  --  
Here is the original rough thumbnail storyboard layout for the SUPERDUPERMAN story!
Penciled by Harvey Kurtzman on a 8 3/4" X  6" piece of lined-ruled notebook paper is 
the kernel of genius for the story that would change comics forever!
Both Kurtzman and Wood were really at the top of their game here, 
and now we get a rare glimpse into the creative process
of this unbelievably awesome comic story!
See how tight Kurtzman thought out his stories, 
and see how much more Wally Wood brings to the party,
 making this a one of a kind gem!

Here it is in it's approximate original size!
(Actual size 8.75" x 6")
(click to see)


Now here it is broken up / blown up so you can see it better...

(original document courtesy Heritage Auctions)

So, that's that! Until next time,
Hasta la vista!


  1. Love that Superduperman! I saw it in the paperback book Mad Reader in the '50s -- the first Mad comic I ever saw -- and was an instant fan. Thanks for showing it in its four-color glory.

    1. I'm with you, Pappy! I also first saw it in the B&W Mad Reader (in the 60's for me). I credit MAD for warping my humor! Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment!