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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Her are two comic stories from the Golden Age that come right on the heels of the end of World War Two and the advent of the atomic bomb. The stories were published in ATOMIC BOMB COMICS #1 (1946), naturally, and feature some of the silliest superheroes you'll ever lay eyes on, namely AIRMALE &  STAMPY, and CAPTAIN MILKSOP!

Ah, yes, a simpler time in our history, a time when it was all right for a grown man to spend his days hanging out with, and shooting hypodermic needles into young boys! ATOMIC BOMB COMICS was a one-shot, never to be seen or heard from again, which is sad in a way, because the art and stories weren't terrible. It is hard to tell if this story was meant to be taken seriously or not. I'll let you decide that!
Artist unknown.

Up first, it's


In the same issue we have CAPTAIN MILKSOP, with art by Charles Voight. Charles (C.A.)Voight was actually a Platinum Age cartoonist and illustrator, known perhaps for his early comic strips Petey, and Betty, and he died one year after this story was published. Captain Milksop was obviously not meant to be taken seriously, and it is actually pretty funny on purpose.

Here he is,


(These comic scans were donated for use here by an anonymous source.)


  1. Now THAT's some good stuff!

    Thanks, I never saw Captain Milksop before...these are real gems!

  2. Yikes! that Hypodermic panel on page 4! i didn't know needled gave people super powers! Hear that, kids?

  3. this is just the most elaborate April Fool's gag ever, right?...

  4. I'd very much like to know of what that microscope is made.

  5. I wonder how much the comic is worth? Haha. Cool blog.

  6. Hey! I figured out how to comment on your blog! I was having the same problem with any blog that had a "comment as" pull-down menu...

    This is some cool stuff! Who published Atomic Comics?

  7. Jeff,

    Yeah, people just don't realize. I stand out on the corner with my hypodermic needle, asking little kids if they want super powers, but their moms seem to think I'm some kind of nut, and whisk them away from me! It's much harder to find young sidekicks these days!

    Can ya believe it? Ha!


    Mock Turtle,
    Ha! I didn't even catch that!

    This is a scarce comic, and a copy in mint condition is easily worth over $1,000.00. For real. So if you have one, cha-ching!

    Yeah! Glad to finally hear from you! Yay!
    According to GCD, it was the only publication from "Gerona;Jay Burtis Publications". Too bad.

    Thanks everyone for dropping in to make a comment!

  8. On page one, young boy Stampy is begging adult man, AirMale, to "inject him with his serum"! Is that what they called it back then? What would Dr. Wertham P. Fredrics say about that?
    I know what!

  9. Air Male and Stampy were a regular feature, not just a one shot gag!!! Arg, if only my brain wd work. Let me do a Google and...Ah! Airmale started in Prize Comics #34. Now, let's see if I can find when it ended...OH! It last 9 issues! PRIZE COMICS #34-43!!! Prize had some other weird and dandy features, including the, let's see what was the name of that--the White Seal? Something like that. Great character with a mystic Aztec mask (sound familiar?), shot power blasts, I think (something out of Kirby's '60s work, not the '40s) and after floundering as a solo feature, he teamed up with The Red Something or other, who also had a weird costume and unique powers...Man, I wish I could remember the names of these two. There was something about the creator of the White Seal/whatever, like he was Chas. Biro or somebody big before he was big--I think, maybe, I guess...

    OH, wait--one more thing--Prize comics ran the FIRST superhero GROUP, an informal teaming of the Black Owl, Dr. Freeze (I think), Frankenstein, and one or two more...oh yeah, one of 'em was actually 2, super-patriot types, twin bros. in matching stars n stripes outfits. One more member of the group, I'm pretty sure...maybe a girl/woman?

    But all this can be nailed down with a little patient Googling, I'm sure.

    Love yr blog! Thanks for yr hard work--pls keep on keepin on!

    1. =link,
      "Yank and Doodle"! That's the name of the "fighting twins" from PRIZE COMICS! Funny old stuff...I have to post more of those...
      Thanks for your input!
      Sorry for the delayed response!

  10. Hold it! Not so fast! I forgot to mention Captain Milksop also appeared else where...I think it was in Red Seal comics, or one of those tiny publishers that did one shots. Dang, I used to know more about Red Seal comics and ilk. Anybody else got back info?

  11. Stampy needs a spin-off, Airmale's holding him back. Great stuff.