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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pre-Code HORROR From George Evans - "The Green Hands Of Terror!"



Thanks, SKULLY!
A nice little dirt nap will do wonders to rejuvenate your tired old 'corpse'-puscles!


PS - Hey, everybody!

Taking a second to inform you of my new original art (that is, by yours truly's sometime alter-ego) blog

featuring various comic strip, comic book and other miscellaneous art projects, old and new, mostly with a healthy dose o' funny (I hope)!
Hope to see ya there!


(post AFQ8KT86QN26)


  1. "No, NO! It's the HEAD!" "A Mouth of Teeth!" i think you know where i'm going with this- "Comics is SCHMUT!", indeed!...

  2. Ha!
    Now that you mention it, prof. grewbeard --
    lotsa disembodied body parts floating around,
    and them green 'mouths with teeth' is a particularly nasty critter!
    Power to the SCHMUT!

  3. OK I know that this was about horror and the green hands and feet and head and stuff, but did every one else noticed that the 2 guys where in the same bed and wearing very little cloths... is that what i believe it is or were the 50's just a very different age.

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