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Saturday, November 27, 2021


 New Comics Review


By Michael Wurl/The Apocolyte
The excitement of reading a new comic is quantifiably doubled when there is a proven track record from the publisher, a history of fond memories, of exciting and creative stories and art. In the spotlight now is ACP Comics, whose comics I have had the pleasure of reviewing before, and I was certainly not disappointed this time either.

I jumped at the opportunty to review ACP Comics newest release FORBIDDEN GALLERY #5. To start with, how could you not be impressed by the spectacular cover? An absolutely fantastic piece of artwork by the very talented artists Dan Day (pencils), Jeff Austin (inks), and Omi Remalante (colors) sets the pace, and we're off with a BANG! Wow!

This is the fifth issue of
FORBIDDEN GALLERY, an anthology horror/sci-fi style comic that hearkens back to the great days of EC comics, updating that tradition with a new edge. There is a great freshness in these ACP stories, a new creative darkness, if you will, an edge-of-the-razor uneasiness mixed with that can't-look-away thirst for the grim, the gory, the uncanny, and the bizarre. If one reads enough, there are subtle dark and mysterious undertones present that flow mostly undetected with the overt storyline, intriguingly so, making for a deep and fulfilling comics experience, and all of it driven by ramrod publisher, editor, and writer William Mull. Mr. Mull has his own unique vision and flair, and brings a certain intellectual dimension to every aspect of his creations. Given time, Mull's name could be spoken of in the same breath as Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, perhaps even that fellow Poe. In this particular issue of FORBIDDEN GALLERY #5 Mull delivers again, assembling truly fascinating art and stories in a continuing series of one-of-a-kind, modern spine-tingling terror tales. 

FORBIDDEN GALLERY's host Archimedes

In the classic horror comics tradition, each issue and tale is introduced and later moralized (if you can call it that) by the bookended appearances of the host and presenter of the FORBIDDEN GALLERY, the foreboding and ominous Archimedes. There is a somewhat sinister glint in this gentleman's eyes, you will notice, and Archimedes fits perfectly as the caretaker of these intriguing chronicles of the supernatural.

There are five different stories, each one has a flavor and vibe all it's own, and the hallmark of a good comic occured as, after each story I was compelled to read it again, to glean that which was missed the first time. Each story has a full page intro frontispiece illustration, a very nice touch. The writers and artists all did great jobs here, it all comes together well, and some is so spectacular you just have to see it for yourself!

Some of the more astounding and enjoyable elements of this comic are these stories and artwork by these very creative people:

Story by Dan Johnson / Art by Mike Montgomery & Jeff Austin / Colors by Kevin J. Frear.

Story by Nicola Cuti / Art by Tim Holtrop / Colors by Omi Remalante  

Story by Don Glut / Art by Dan Day & Jeff Austin / Colors by Kevin J. Frear 

Story by William Mull / Art by Reno Maniquis / Colors by Daerick Gross Sr.

Story by Ed DeVore / Art by Karl Comendador / Colors by John Becaro 


As a delicious cherry on top, FG #5 has a glorious and horrific back cover by artist Steven Butler.  A tradition of sorts (I think he did similar back cover art for issue #3 & #4), a very cool tradition, and as usual the artwork is eye-popping!

All of the art in person/full size/in your hands is fantastic, and you can see the labor of love by these artists in so much of this comic.

I recommend ACP Comics wholeheartedly. They are produced with the highest quality possible, and the combination of quality materials and quality creative writers and artists makes for the highest quality comic books. ACP Comics. Remember the name, ACP Comics and FORBIDDEN GALLERY. Another great comic to put in your collection.


There are five fun, fear-filled stories here, and the artwork, the colors, and the overall production quality of this comic book is fantastic! I enjoyed it (frankly, I have enjoyed all of their comics) very much, it was a very fun comic. A good buy! Recommended highly! Well done!

Artwork by Steven Butler 

My final verdict on
1/2 out of 5 stars.

I recommend it highly! 
Another excellent Sci-Fi/Horror anthology comic from
ACP Comics!
FORBIDDEN GALLERY #5 is a wild ride, fun new stories and fantastic new art!

Click below to get FORBIDDEN GALLERY #5 
and see the other comics/offers from ACP Comics.
I recommend them all. Enjoy!

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