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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Remembering Joe Sinnott / FANGS FOR NUTTIN'!! - Joe Sinnott's "Men With Fangs!"

(re-posted from 2009)

Joe Sinnott is one of my favorite artist's, not only for his amazing inking over Kirby on 'Fantastic Four' and hundreds (thousands?) of other great comics for Marvel during their 60's rebirth, but because of his own wonderful drawing style, as featured primarily in Marvel's Atlas incarnation in the 50's. He was a real master of westerns, war comics, sci-fi, romance (he apparently did tons of anonymous work ghosting for Vinnie Colletta studios in the 60's, duplicating the style!) - he did it ALL wonderfully! Oh, did I mention his HORROR comics? Hee hee!! 
How about a sexy dame, a little bondage, and... - Were-Rats?!
From Atlas' SUSPENSE #25, 1952, here is

RIP Joe Sinnott
10/16/26 - 6/25/20

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