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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I am

and it is time for another 

Today's story comes from Charlton's UNUSUAL TALES #17, 1959.

When I first read this short comic story I was taken aback a bit by it's oddness, then by the strange content and imagery in the final panels, and then, finally, by it's bizarre claim that the story is true!

Well, of course I had to look into that claim deeper. 
What I found?
I will share that after the story...
the weird story of




I forgot to mention,
 the comic scans were cleaned up and
 augmented for your pleasure, courtesy of
-Digitally Restored Comics-

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Soooo, this can't be real, right?

Well, don't ask me.

Instead, why don't you ask Kurwenal?
Kurwenal, the "Talking Dog"

First of all, yes, it's true, apparently there were some real dogs that were allegedly trained to communicate. They didn't communicate vocally, so the comics word balloons are slightly misleading. They communicated (allegedly) by spelling out words through barking or tapping their feet in an alpha-numeric code. For example, the word cab, C-A-B, would be (as "spoken" by Kurwenal) bark bark bark - bark- bark bark! Get it? Sure you do!

You can read for yourself some of the weird claims about these weird dogs by clicking on these weird links! 

I did some more research and discovered there was so much more that this incredible and weird doggie said during it's life, and below I have recreated some of these astonishing and weird utterances!

(comic panels reproduced here in glorious APOCO-Vision!)

Simply amazing, isn't it?

The things that pass through a dog's mind!
That's just plain WEIRD!


Now, you think about it for a minute...

If you can think of something for Kurwenal to say, 
let me know in a comment below!

...and in the meantime,
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  1. Oh, man...funny, funny stuff. Did you know my wife is a pet sitter who has her own stories of doggie communication? The last time a dog talked to me was when I ingested a substance that turned my dog into God and He told me to clean up my act.

    1. Thanks, Pappy!
      You know, from the time I was a kid until now I've seen and heard stories on TV etc. about "talking" dogs, and about 99% of them involve a dog supposedly whimpering out the phrase "I love you", which generally usually sounds like, "arr-arr-ooow"...which reminds me of the old joke about a talking dog with the punchline, "Do you think I should have said Gehrig or DiMaggio instead?"

      Regarding your mystical psychedelical Carlos Castenada experience, just when are you going to start cleaning?

      Thanks for your comment, Big Pappy!